Our experts and growth companies


3 Headed Giant NV

3 Headed Giant offers innovative solutions that enable you to organise, manage and monitor your services effectively. The company follows a results-driven approach with the aim of increasing the value of services, both for service providers and their customers. Its knowledge and experience enables your to better organise your service provision and deliver higher quality services than ever before.


Continu-IT NV

Continu-IT employs monitoring to help guarantee the continuity of your company. Using information collected across different levels, the company measures the proper operation of your infrastructure, applications and the satisfaction of your end users with respect to the services that you provide. The company’s services include assessments, implementation and Monitoring as a Service. Continu-IT has a single focus, monitoring.

theBlueLink NV

theBlueLink is the Service Center par excellence. It is the link between the customer, its employees or end customers. theBlueLink assists customers in the organization of their first line. The team is responsible for collecting, registering and following up all requests and will assign them to the right party. A request will be handled in a structured and high-quality manner. The team will follow up the call from creation to solution. Excellent customer experience is our goal.



Monin NV

Monin provides database managed services. Depending on the customer’s specific needs Monin either joins an existing DBA team or puts together a team for the customer. With many years of experience in the database world, the company is always able to offer customers the best solutions for every step within the database lifecycle, from advice/reviews to initial setup/configuration, from migration to support and management of the environment, in an own data centre or in the cloud, complemented by its high-end database monitoring service where required.

Hestia NV

Hestia is a specialist in the provision of ICT services. Its focus lies not only in pure support for the ICT infrastructure, but also in endeavouring to identify potential added value in consultation with its customers. By offering a portfolio of high-quality services and solutions, it gives companies the opportunity to re-establish their core activities.

Hestia NV

Auxility was established with the objective of supporting end users in such a way that they have as positive a user experience as possible, from their first contact to the processing of the order or incident.



We put ourselves in the shoes of our end users so that they have a pleasant experience when reaching out for our support.



The communication must take place at strategic moments. This is why we develop a customised communication plan together, in which the moments of contact are described.



Our employees are certified to ensure we can offer you the highest quality and the right expertise.



Our goal is to establish long-lasting relationships that focus on “worry-free IT” for our clients.