About us

A network of experts

The Hestia Group offers a broad range of services that help customers to realise their business transformation. The Group comprises a network of expert companies, all of which provide support to customers in their specific field of expertise. One or more of these fields is always approached, depending on the needs of the customer, in order to arrive an optimal solution for the customer.

The meaning of Hestia

In Greek mythology, Hestia was the goddess of fire. Her fire allowed for the institution and fostering of new initiatives. The Hestia Group’s mission is no different – to launch and foster new initiatives.

Hestia Group management

At the Hestia Group, we are by no means novices. The management team comprises experienced and driven captains/managers who through their strength and vision form the ideal mix to lead the Group.

Nicolas Geudens

Nicolas Geudens

Managing Partner

Nicolas Geudens graduated with a master’s degree with distinction in commercial sciences at KUL Antwerpen and combined a year of specialisation in ICT management with marketing as an additional specialism. He chose the double specialism for the simple reason that so few people are able to explain IT in a way that others can understand. The combination of the two specialism is the ideal mix. He started his career in a number of business development management positions, founding Promad, a company providing management consultancy services.
In 2008, he co-founded Hestia, the current Belgian market leader in managed services, a company of which he is still managing partner. Nicolas holds a managerial and strategic leadership role in the Hestia Group and together with his team, strives to ensure the highest level of quality and service for the Group’s customers.
In 2012, he was appointed to the Board of Directors of the MSPAlliance, the International Association of Managed Service Providers. In this role, his personal objective is to ensure that both managed service providers and customers respect UCS certification by making the field of managed services and cloud computing as transparent as possible.
Nicolas obtained a company MBA and followed various advanced courses to help deepen his management capabilities.
As the proud father of two sons, every moment of his spare time is spent being a dad.

Wim Kelchtermans

Wim Kelchtermans

Operations Manager

With a diploma in applied IT under his belt, Wim started his career in 2003 at the former mobile operator Mobistar, now Orange. His first experience was gained in the command centre. As the demand for web-based applications began to increase, he joined the multimedia team a couple of years later as a Web Middleware engineer. In 2008, he was finally approached by the Uptime Group to use his expertise in Java Application Service as part of a project being carried out under the Hestia flag. But it wasn’t long until a new opportunity came his way, and the opportunity to head up the service desk and be more involved with the people and the organisation seemed too good to miss. During his time there, he had the opportunity to further develop his leadership skills and other social capacities, and in 2012, took the logical step to further his career by joining the management team as operations manager. A role that he continues to enjoy today.

Whenever Wim is not at work, he loves to unwind by spending time with his family and pets. If he has any energy left, he can sometimes be seen on a bike cycling through picturesque Limburg.

Stefaan De Baene

Stefaan De Baene

Service Manager

Following his studies in applied economic sciences at KU Leuven, Stef began his career in the IT sector in 2001, taking on several roles as service level manager, service delivery manager and IT service management consultant with various IT service providers. Cooperation between business and IT was central to all of his roles.
In 2008, Stef joined the Hestia team as service manager where he was responsible for steering the team of service level managers and service management consultants to use their knowledge and experience to assist both internal and external customers. In order to sharpen focus on aligning business and IT, Stef’s team became a subsidiary company within the Group in 2015, under the name 3 Headed Giant.
In addition to managing his enthusiastic team of 3 Headed Giant employees, Stef is still very much involved with the management team at Hestia.

Pascal De Paus

Pascal De Paus

Financial Manager

Pascal started work for the Cronos Group as a helpdesk engineer shortly after obtaining his diploma in accounting/IT, a role he held for 3 years at various companies. He looks back on this period as a valuable learning experience which taught him to consider how end users experience IT and the best ways of dealing with different situations.

With his helpdesk experience under his belt, he progressed to system engineer. In 2008, he made the transition to Hestia, where after a few years he moved up to coordinator of the SWAT (Server Windows Applications) team. During his leadership of the team, he was faced with numerous non-technical challenges, allowing him to delve more into the figures and, working with his team, bring about implementation of an automated profit and loss sheet across Hestia.

Becoming more and more involved with the entire Hestia organisation, in 2014 he joined the Hestia management team as financial manager. Aside from co-management of Hestia, he also looks after everything relating to the Group’s figures.

In his free time, he takes a keen interest in all things technology, as well as enjoying tinkering with audio/video equipment and virtual reality. He also counts Sim Racing as one of his hobbies.